Course work.

The most simple work is a course project. This is a job that requires at least minimal independence, but at the same time it also causes indulgence of teachers. It is already issued as a diploma – with a title page, with a table of contents, with a breakdown of the text according to the plan, with the list of literature ranked by headings (sources, research literature, etc.). The volume of the course varies from 10 to 40 typewritten pages.

When writing a course, the entire text should be subordinated to a single, if very simple, thought. Having chosen or independently formulated the topic, do not rush to run it open. You must first approve this topic. To do this, you must meet with the teacher who will evaluate your work. Talking with the teacher, try to find out from him as much as possible, since it is quite possible and highly desirable that you will not meet with him until the end of the work. Teachers like to entertain themselves by asking students topics on which there is little or no literature in Russian (and sometimes even in any language). They also ask provocative topics for people who are not oriented in the subject, or simply ridiculous, for which nothing can be written at all.

 When you write a term paper, you should in any case at least superficially navigate the topic. This is due to the following circumstances.

Firstly, it is very, very likely that you will discuss the text of your course with the teacher. And in some universities even the procedure for the protection of coursework has been adopted: in the presence of several teachers and students from your group, you will have to answer questions and comments that the teachers have had about your work. Sometimes such a procedure is quite brutal.

Secondly, it is just as likely that in the future you will have to develop in other works the topic touched on in this course. It makes sense to ease yourself future work.

Thirdly, in the course work, as already mentioned, there must be at least one, even the most simple, but independent idea. To competently push it, to subordinate it to the presentation of the topic and not get into a mess, it is also necessary to at least a little navigate the issues you are concerned with.

Coursework, as a rule, is written on the second, third and fourth courses. At the same time, they differ somewhat in their level of requirements: the older the course, the more weighty, in theory, should be the creative side of student work. To circumvent the possible urgency of such requirements, and also to facilitate future work itself, it is highly recommended to plan the course work as a part of the future diploma. Then, firstly, you do not have to invent something new every time, and secondly, by the end of your studies you will have almost finished thesis.

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