Classification of homework assignments

Homework assignments are veiled, that student can draw a conclusion about what final result he should receive. Classification of homework is made by specialists to help students. The basic variant is constructed in such a way that homework is in the top-down steps of checking the homework. In other words, first there are those kinds of homework that require maximum attention and concentration of forces, and then, those kinds of tasks that you can practically not do, since such work is rarely appreciated. Look at the hometasks according to the degrees of complexity on a scale from one to ten, where 10 is the limit of complexity.

Difficulty from 7 to 10

This is the most difficult kind of homework. This kind of work occurs in about 10% of assignments. The instructor pays close attention to such tasks, since it is in his interests not to miss the slightest detail. He looks at how the work is written, how the topic is revealed, whether the rules of design and text structure are observed. If the student believes that too demanding standards are imposed on a simple hometask, then it is worthwhile to apply to the department to have an open lecture, so that it is appreciated how the teacher conducts the lessons.

Difficulty 4 to 6

This is the best and most common kind of homework. In fact, this is a standard homework, which requires a reasonable amount of time.  In this type of homework should be done on time, high quality and in full. If several times grossly violate the requirements (duration, amount of registration), the teacher can personally apply sanctions to the student in the form of a poor assessment or a future hometask in the manner described above. So it’s better to try to do such tasks competently and accurately. We need to appreciate the activity and justice of the teacher. The student should give him pleasure from completeness and literacy of the homework.

Complexity from 1 to 3

Such homework is found in 30% of cases.  To speak formally, the teachers ask homework, but in fact, no one checks it. Often such a situation happens when extraordinary events occur at the university. Their main task is to pass accreditation. Also, this is possible in the situation described above. That is, the student can establish himself as a responsible and competent performer, and later homework will refer specifically to this group. But even in this case, don’t disregard the hometask. It is not excluded that the teacher still wants to test the student’s work, and later he will be surprised at the illiteracy and inaccuracy of the material presented. So, before you independently classify the work in this category, it is worth considering whether it really applies to it or not.

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