How to write an essay

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An essay is evaluated on a number of parameters. Sometimes the reason of a low grade may be an inaccurate notebook, bad handwriting, insufficient disclosure of the topic. You must take into account many factors at the period of working on the very first version of the essay. Learn some recommendations to get the best results.

Choose the topic of your essay as carefully as possible if it is not marked in the task. You need to write about something well known for you. It is desirable to navigate the topic not superficially, but deeply, you have to know the details.

Use proven sources. Books should be taken in libraries, academic publications. Electronic versions may contain errors and inaccuracies. The most important thing is to be acquainted with the original source and make a personal opinion about it.

Keep an eye on the handwriting; carefully handle the notebook, sheets of paper. Write neatly and legibly, avoid corrections.

Think about the title if the topic is free. The title of the essay reflects its theme and idea. You can come up with a problem title, or a question-and-answer title.

Use quotes, facts of the author’s biography. All information should be relevant to the topic.

Be sure to keep track on the logic of the story. Connect each idea with the previous one; avoid sharp jumps and breakdowns of thought.

Divide the essay into semantic paragraphs, in this way it will be perceived better. You will demonstrate to the teacher the semantic connections in your essay.

Think about the composition. The best option is that type of composition, when the beginning and the end of the essay are almost the same, but paraphrased, connected by direct or feedback. For example, the question-answer, the thesis-antithesis, the thesis-thesis.

Remember, that the topic should be fully disclosed.

Carefully follow the literacy. The text should not contain logical, lexical, semantic, punctuation, spelling and other mistakes. Use only words which meaning you know exactly. Make up with the complicated suggestions. If there is a possibility (for example, the work is given home), refer to the reference literature, or the textbook.