Diploma is the most important work for any student. Diploma in its importance is below the dissertation and inferior to it in volume. However, the student who writes the diploma objectively has more responsibility, since his work is really and necessarily will be read in full. The required amount of diplomas ranges from 40 to 100 typewritten pages.

If all other student works are accepted in handwriting, then the diploma can be accepted only in printed form.

The graduate diploma should be printed in four copies – for the supervisor, for the opponent, for the reviewer and for himself. One of these copies enters the archives of the department, where it will be stored for a long time. There have even been cases when in serious scientific research references were made to the diploma works of local students.

The student is given a year to write a thesis. All graduation papers pass the aforementioned protection procedure. The date of protection is assigned in advance, however, if necessary, your protection can be transferred. To protect your work, an opponent (one of the teachers) and a reviewer (usually one of the graduate students) are officially appointed. On the defense you will be asked questions about the content of your work. On defense, as well as on any other exam, one should not accept criticism, it is necessary to conduct active defense. It is important at the same time to have the support of a supervisor.

The choice of the theme of the thesis is of great importance. Experience shows that choosing the right theme and object of study means half ensuring its successful implementation.

Subject graduation works are developed by the graduating department of the university, is considered and approved at the meeting of the department. The list of themes of the theses is annually announced to students. The student chooses the topic, usually from the announced list, but also has the right to offer his own topic with the justification of the expediency of its development. The student is recommended to choose the topic of the diploma project, which corresponds to his specialty. The main criterion in choosing the theme of the thesis is the scholarly and practical interest of the student. This applies primarily to students who for a long time purposefully, with interest gathered and processed material on a particular topic, worked in the scientific-student circle at the department. When choosing the topic of the thesis, one should also proceed from the one on which the student can most fully collect the material, widely use the practice of the enterprises and organizations of the industry, the financial and credit-banking system.